OMAS:WORKS was created in 2006 by Brian O'Brian and Carl Muehleisen in New York City.  In 2010, the practice evolved to become a collaboration between the New York office and the Toronto design office.

Architecture, whether a house, an office, a municipal building, or a park, is subject to the same scrutiny, the same investigation, and the same interest in establishing something unique to each client, program and place.  The practice is not interested in design trends and styles, but is intent on pursuing a distinctness and timelessness drawn from the factors implicit in each endeavor.

Our Work always begins at the project's beginning, and ends at the project's end.  With all our efforts, the practice works with the client from the moment of conception through the completion of the contractor's work, and the client's occupying the space.

Creating Architecture is a process which necessarily involves multiple people, all with their own expertise.  With a thorough and lasting attention to our clients, and to the team, our Work seeks to foster an appreciation of the craft of form, detail, and space, and to incessantly reach for the sublime in the execution of an idea.

OMAS:WORKS is comprised of a highly skilled staff:
Brian O'Brian, AIA, Registered Architect New York, BCIN Ontario, Sessional Lecturer at the University of Toronto
Carl Muehleisen, Registered Architect New York, New Jersey
Blaine Cooper, B.ARCH
Parastoo Najafi, M.ARCH
Joe Jang, Project Management Consultant, Owner of ARK Architecture + Design PLLC